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CA LIC #1057703
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Woodcrete Fence Installation


The warm, familiar colors and textures of a wood fence make it a top choice for many of our clients. Treat yourself to this traditional favorite without the usual maintenance issues and need for repairs with a WOODCRETE® precast wall from American Precast.

American Precast’s WOODCRETE® selection is engineered with the natural appeal of wood and the durable qualities of precast concrete, creating a high-quality, low-maintenance, precast structure with the appearance of natural wood.

Choose from our wide range of colors and create natural wood’s warm tones and hues. Match your vision and environment for that perfect addition to your property. Improve your aesthetics and increase your property value by installing a WOODCRETE® wall system by American Precast.

Woodcrete Precast Fence
Woodcrete Precast Concrete Fence

Crafted & Intalled for Years of Service

American Precast’s engineers and our installers collaborate to ensure the durability of your WOODCRETE® fence, as with every product at Fence Installers.

Wooden fences will deteriorate, requiring ongoing maintenance, repairs, and eventual replacement. They also lose their visual appeal as time and the elements degrade this natural material.

Your WOODCRETE® fence will retain its original form and color despite the onslaught of raging storms and the blazing sun.

WOODCRETE® Precast Wall Systems – Installation Features & Benefits

Sustainable, durable, and attractive, WOODCRETE® wall systems create a seamless structure with no gaps for exceptional protection and privacy.


  • Genuine Look and Feel of Wood
    Authentic wooden appearance on both sides for the genuine look of a wooden fence
  • Can Be from 1′ to 14′ Tall
    Flexible to meet your specific requirements
  • Posts on 5′ Centers
    For a true wooden fence look and design flexibility
  • Large Selection of Colors
    Choose the shades and tones that match your vision
  • Proven Turnkey Process
    We take care of everything and Guarantee Your Satisfaction


WOODCRETE® precast concrete wall systems provide privacy and security far beyond the capabilities of any wooden structure.

  • Seamless
    WOODCRETE® precast concrete wall systems are free of gaps and knots, creating an opaque barrier.
  • Cost-Effective
    Our turnkey process increases efficiencies, is quicker, and diminishes waste, substantially reducing your costs. Minimal maintenance and decades of service make precast concrete the most affordable option.
  • Security with Style
    Your steel-reinforced WOODCRETE® wall system delivers top-notch security with the real-world beauty of genuine wood.
  • Block Unwanted Noise
    Engineered and installed with unique sound-buffering technology, WOODCRETE® wall systems will protect your peace.
  • Visually Striking
    The beauty of wood is a timeless pleasure that we faithfully replicate with WOODCRETE® wall systems.
  • Weather Resistant
    Unlike natural wood, precast concrete is virtually impervious to elements. Your WOODCRETE® wall system will look as good as new for years to come.
  • As Strong As It Gets
    Steel-reinforced precast concrete installed by Fence Installers sits at the pinnacle of durability and sustainability among all the privacy or security barrier on the market today.

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