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CA LIC #1057703
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Woodcrete Split Rail Fence Installation


For a traditional ranch-style split rail fence that will last decades without failing, WOODCRETE Rails will not disappoint. This precast split rail concrete fence system is rot and weatherproof for decades of dependable service.

Woodcrete Rail Precast Concrete Fence
Woodcrete Split Rail Fences

WOODCRETE Split Rail Fences

The iconic concrete split rail fence is a steady favorite of many clients, and its rustic style instills nostalgia and provides a comforting visual for your property. Our unique turnkey installation process eliminates wood construction maintenance and repair concerns while delivering a stunning and long-lasting product.

Storms, powerful UV rays, and other threats conspire to degrade wooden structures. The relentless march of time gradually ends the useful life of a wooden rail fence, forcing replacement.

A WOODCRETE Split Rail fence installation eliminates all of these potential issues with wood. Installing steel and mesh reinforced concrete offers unparalleled durability and will last decades with little maintenance. This durability and longevity contribute substantially to the value of WOODCRETE Split Rail Fences.

WOODCRETE Split Rail Fence Systems – Features and Benefits

Combining the classic appeal of split rail fencing with the incredible strength and durability of precast concrete, Fence Installers’ innovative WOODCRETE Split Rail Fence Systems deliver the best of both worlds.


  • 360° Authentic Wood Look
    True wood appearance throughout
  • Multiple Options
    Available in 2, 3, and 4 rail configurations
  • Easy Installation
    Our innovative turnkey installation process provides the most straightforward and minimally intrusive installation and ensures the highest quality and most durable finished product.
  • Customizable
    Color it perfectly by selecting the natural hues and tones from American Precast’s wide range of color options for that perfect look.


  • Exceptional Value
    The incredible durability and lifespan of WOODCRETE Split Rail Fencing make it and other precast concrete walls and fences from Fence Installers the best value and most cost-effective solution on the market.
  • Seamless Installation
    Off-Site fabrication, innovative design, and our experienced team make quick work of installation with little impact on your home and daily routines.
  • Exceptional Strength
    Reinforced with #3 rebar and adding fiber mesh to the rails, American Precast’s WOODCRETE Rail System boasts a maximum strength of 4500 psi, making it earthquake resistant.
  • Weather Resistant
    The elements don’t stand a chance against your WOODCRETE Split Rail Fence. Superior craftsmanship, techniques, and installation makes all Fence Installers’ precast systems virtually impervious to these challenges.

If the classic appeal of a split rail fence is what you desire for your home, discover the many advantages of a WOODCRETE Split Rail Fence from Fence Installers and contact us today.

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