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Security Fence Installation

Why You Need to Install a SECURITY FENCE

The safety and security of your property are essential for your peace of mind. No one wants to leave their loved ones or assets to be left vulnerable.

Install an industrial-grade protection for your home or business with the exceptional strength and durability of a precast concrete security fence.

Security Precast Concrete Fence
Residential Security Fence


When considering your options for security fencing at your home, the exceptional durability and strength of a SECURITY FENCE by American Precast stand out in this crowded field.

Multiple fencing options for style and their wide selection of colors mean that your new security fence will not detract from, but will enhance, the visual appeal of your property.

Your SECURITY FENCE installed by Fence Installers will provide the ultimate security while hiding in plain sight and looking good.

State-of-the-art materials and techniques make our steel and mesh reinforced security fences virtually indestructible and unaffected by even the most extreme conditions. These rugged, long-lasting fencing barriers easily rebuff the elements and bad actors.

Typical concrete production and on-site installation of each concrete brick have a significant environmental impact. Traditional concrete will succumb to the rigors of time, and the elements eventually require considerable repair or replacement.

Our Privacy & Security Fence Installation Services and Process

Our turnkey security fence installation process, innovative methods, and formulations at Fence Installers create an exceptionally durable and sustainable precast concrete fencing product.

Your Fence Installers SECURITY FENCE is fabricated in our manufacturing facility under close supervision and control. This process eliminates significant waste and saves valuable time compared to on-site methods.

For the client, all construction of forms, necessary laborers, and materials happen in our facility, not your property. With Fence Installers’ turnkey process, final fencing installation is all that happens at your home or business area. Your daily life and family routines will see little, if any, disruption.

Considering the unmatched strength and durability of our precast concrete security fences and walls, the likelihood of any damage requiring repair is minimal. Repairing typical concrete structures can be challenging. Matching new materials to old, weathered concrete is often less than perfect, and concrete repair requires skill and experience that you likely do not possess.

However, should that rare occasion arise, our modular system allows for quick and affordable repairs. You don’t need to be an expert or hire an expert for repairs when you select the fencing company experts at Fence Installers to protect your property and its assets.

Installing a Precast Concrete Security Fence – Features and Benefits

Precast concrete is a proven perimeter security solution that provides some of the strongest and most effective protection from intruders for business and industry. Fence Installers offers the same commercial-grade security fencing products for homeowners as we do for our industrial clients.

We think everyone deserves the best property security available. Below are the features and benefits of our residential and commercial precast concrete security fences:


  • Easy Installation
    Solid Construction of Fences – No Mortar Required
  • Superior Process, and Techniques
    Decades of Proven Strength and Durability
  • Requires No Bracing or Shoring
    Less Obtrusive off-Site, Modular Construction for Easier Installation
  • Many Available Fence Color Options
    Make It Personal and Create the Look You Want


Of all the options available for security fencing, only precast concrete by Fence Installers covers all the bases – aesthetics, robust deterrence, minimal maintenance, and decades of reliable protection.

Other benefits of your precast concrete SECURITY FENCE project include:

  • Cost-Effective
    Traditional security barrier construction is far costlier than a precast concrete installation’s relative simplicity and ease.
  • Seamless Installation of Fences
    Your precast concrete SECURITY FENCE has no gaps creating a solid structure up to 14 feet tall.
  • The Beauty of Security
    With several style options for your SECURITY FENCE from Fence Installers, you choose the look that best matches your vision for your installation project.
  • Your Personal Touch
    Choose from numerous color options to customize your residential fencing installations. Improve security, add appeal, and create a cohesive look for you.
  • Beat Mother Nature
    The durability of concrete is legendary and well-established. Your SECURITY FENCE system will last decades with little or no maintenance, and its color will not fade.

Find out more about SECURITY FENCING by Fence Installers and request a quote today to learn more about protecting your residential or commercial property

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