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Rusticbrick Fence Installation


Achieve the nostalgic appeal of authentic aged brick by installing a RUSTICBRICK™ precast concrete fencing system for decades of worry-free privacy and security.

The old-world charm and nostalgia of a rustic brick wall are hard to deny. It is equally undeniable that constructing a brick fence is labor-intensive and costly.

Your RUSTICBRICK™ precast concrete fence installed by Fence Installers will not only be more affordable but much quicker and easier to install. Erecting a wall with hundreds of bricks and layers of mortar requires skill and experience that most homeowners do not possess.

Depending on the size of your project, you could be off the hook for the substantial labor costs of numerous workers. It also takes significant time to stage and handle such a volume of materials. And, with all of this work occurring on your property, expect many long and noisy days that will disrupt your daily life.

Rustic Brick Precast Concrete Fence
Rustic Brick Precast Concrete Fence

RUSTICBRICK™ vs Typical Brick Install

After assembling all these bricks and mortar, your work is not over. These materials are susceptible to damage from the elements, precipitation, and freezing temperatures in particular. The steady passage of time and the constant onslaught of mother nature guarantee significant maintenance and repairs throughout the lifetime of your brick wall.

Fortunately, your RUSTICBRICK™ precast concrete wall eliminates virtually all of these concerns. Most of the manufacturing occurs in American Precast’s controlled facility. Your wall is one solid formation of modern steel-reinforced precast concrete, not hundreds of individual pieces.

This fact means that the maintenance and repairs, discoloration, and overall breakdown typical for a standard brick wall do not occur.

American Precast’s exclusive system injects color directly into the precast concrete during manufacturing, ensuring uniform, long-lasting coloration you can count on. Plus, in the exceedingly rare situation that your RUSTICBRICK™ wall should require repair, our modular, easy-to-install system provides a seamless and affordable solution.

Installing a RUSTICBRICK™ wall system with Fence Installers can be the perfect solution for everything from a decorative wall to a security fence or sound barrier. The only limitation is your imagination and creativity.

RUSTICBRICK™ Precast Fencing Systems – Installation Features and Benefits

Brick walls are always in style and can create a welcoming perception for any home or business. The RUSTICBRICK™ precast wall systems deliver everything a vintage brick wall has to offer with none of the maintenance, repair, or other concerns inherent in traditional brick structures.


  • Easy Installation
    Solid Construction, No Mortar Required
  • Genuine Look and Feel of Brick
    Classic Vintage Brick Appearance in a Solid Structure
  • Superior Process and Techniques
    Decades of Proven Strength and Durability
  • Many Color Options Available
    Create the Authentic Aged Brick Look You Desire
  • Color Infused
    Pigment injection occurs during Manufacture for Full-Product Coloration


RUSTICBRICK™ precast concrete fencing systems provide privacy and security much longer and far beyond the capabilities of other options.

  • Seamless
    RUSTICBRICK™ precast concrete wall systems are free of gaps creating a continuous barrier.
  • Cost-Effective
    Our turnkey installation process increases efficiencies, is quicker, and diminishes waste, substantially reducing your costs. Minimal maintenance and decades of service make precast concrete the most affordable option.
  • Security with Style
    Your steel-reinforced RUSTICBRICK™ wall system delivers top-notch security with the classic beauty of masonry.
  • Block Unwanted Noise
    RUSTICBRICK™ wall systems are designed and engineered using our unique sound-buffering technology to preserve your quiet.
  • Visually Striking
    The RUSTICBRICK™ series authentically replicate the charm and classic beauty of brick.
  • Weather Resistant
    Precast concrete is virtually impervious to the elements. Your RUSTICBRICK™ wall system will retain its look for years to come.
  • As Strong As It Gets
    Steel-reinforced precast concrete installed by Fence Installers sits at the pinnacle of durability and sustainability. No other product comes close.

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