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Your Residential Precast Fencing Install: Estimate the Costs

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Why Is Precast Concrete Fencing Worth The Investment?

Each of our clients is in a unique situation, so it’s natural that you’d have specific questions about our products and services. Luckily, we’ve compiled answers to some of our most frequently asked questions about what it’s like to get your fence from our team.

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Average Cost for Precast Concrete Fencing Installation

The price of installing your fence will vary depending on your location, how large a fence you want, and how easy it is to access the fence line. Our measurements are in feet, and you can typically expect to pay $180 for one foot of a six-foot-high linear fence. A Fence Installers team member will determine how many linear feet you need to give you a better idea of your installation costs.

Pricing Based on Fencing Materials

Most customers know that the price varies depending on which fencing materials they choose. But Fence Installers’ products are much more than just wood, vinyl, or chain link.

Our fences are long-lasting products that keep their visual appeal for years and don’t fluctuate in price like other materials. So while other factors could impact your fencing costs, materials won’t be one of them.

Browse All Precast Fencing Styles by Price

Many customers already have a vision for their fence and want to know how it translates into dollars. If you need a more detailed cost breakdown for your specific fencing project, we can estimate every aspect based on your property and design preferences.

Additional Project Costs to Include in Your Budget

Additional costs may be associated with your fence installation. For example, you should factor in permits and budget for dump fees if any demolition is to occur. These expenses vary between projects, so it’s best to check with your city and local dump sites for a more accurate estimate.

Explore Precast Fencing Financing Options

We always want our customers to feel like they’re making a good choice with their fence installation financing. We also understand that it’s a significant investment, which is why we offer streamlined financing plans.
Financing opens up many more options, so reach out for details if you’re curious about how it works.

Our Clients’ Feedback:

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    “I was very pleased with the services provided by American Precast Concrete from the initial estimate walk to the final installation. All the staff I interacted with were kind and intent on making sure I was receiving the product and services I expected. The new fence defines the main lodge area at Skyland Ranch and will provide an attractive and functional assest to the property.”

    – Ken Mortensen, VP Properties
    Girl Scouts of San Gorgonio Council
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    “Fantastic product and great service! I have a noisy neighbor behind me (loud parties and music) and needed something more substantial than just a wooden or vinyl fence to block out the sound. I went with the BlockCrete fence product (see pictures). It definitely makes a huge difference, and it looks fantastic.”

    – George P., Yelper
    Chatsworth, CA

Common Precast Fencing Concerns - Addressed

Permits for Precast Concrete Fencing

Many customers are concerned about whether they’ll have to deal with permits. You’ll be glad to learn that you only need a permit if your new precast concrete fence is over six feet tall. There are some differences between commercial and residential precast fence installations regarding permits.

We always encourage our customers to clarify how their situation fits the city’s fencing ordinances, as each city or county will have unique permit requirements. Different municipalities will also tell you where you can apply and how long the approval process will take so you can plan your installation better.

HOA Approval for New Fencing

Homeowners associations typically have information about fence installations written into their bylaws. Many will also require you to get their approval on new construction projects, so make sure you check with your HOA before the build.

Licensed & Insured for Residential and Commercial

Any reliable fencing company should have insurance to support their work and help their clients feel more secure. Fence Installers has its own general liability insurance and workman’s comp. We’re also covered to serve both commercial and residential properties.

Start Your Project with Fence Installers

A turnkey installation is one of the easiest ways to complete a home improvement project, like installing a new fence. Our turnkey fence installations keep things simple by executing each project under a single contract.

We work from start to finish on everything from engineering the fence based on your parameters to constructing and installing it on your property.

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