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CA LIC #1057703
Bond/ 04-WB104021
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Precast Concrete is Made for Homeowners

Enhance your home and property with an attractive precast concrete fence or wall from Fence Installers. Improve security, reduce noise, and create a private oasis to enjoy with your family.

At Fence Installers, we deliver only the best in service, materials, design, and installation for the ideal synergy of form and function. You will be amazed at the transformation of your property.

Our goal is always to exceed your expectations and improve your quality of life as a homeowner. We begin by building your precast project in our production facility. This technique allows us to maintain quality standards unattainable in the field and eliminates much of the work that typically occurs at your home.

We make every effort to minimize on-site construction’s impact on your time and daily life.

Gray Precast Utility Walls
Stacked Stone Precast Concrete Fence

Customize Your Project

You will find numerous finishes and styles from which to choose for your precast concrete wall or fence. Choose a look of traditional masonry, stacked stone, brick, rustic, smooth, and many more. Personalize your project further with the color of your choice.

Fence Installers – The Homeowner's Choice

One of the many reasons homeowners choose Fence Installers is our ability to install your precast concrete project in virtually any situation, regardless of the surface and soil type.

Other common responses are:

  • Cost-Effective Modular Construction
  • Meets or Exceeds Local Building Codes and Ordinances
  • Walls Can Be up to 14 Feet Tall
  • Material Is Impervious to Weather and the Elements
  • Precast Is Earthquake and Infestation Resistant
  • Creates an Effective Sound Barrier
  • Requires Little to No Ongoing Maintenance
Gray Precast Concrete Security Wall

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