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Types of Fences

A House with Blockcrete Fence

Fence Types for Your Projects

When considering a fence for your project, wood and other traditional materials are typically an initial focus. But are these really the best choice?

Choosing the Ideal Material for Your Fence

Your options can seem endless and overwhelming. But, the sustainability, minimal maintenance, custom features, and durability of a precast concrete wall or fence from Fence Installers stand head and shoulders above the rest.

High Precast Concrete Fences
Wood Fence

Wood Fencing

A quick look around your neighborhood reveals that wood fencing is extremely popular. While wood is easy to work with, offers meaningful choices in style and finish, and is often a DIY project, it is also susceptible to rot and damage from many sources.

Your wood fence will also require ongoing maintenance, substantially increasing the lifetime costs. Wind, precipitation, and time all work against your wood fence to diminish its serviceable lifespan.

Metal Fencing

Metal fences, such as chain-link, also offer minimal maintenance but can easily suffer damage that is difficult to repair. And while the maintenance is minimal, so is your privacy and, therefore, security. Metal fences offer very little protection from noise or safety by blocking the view of passersby.

Customizing a metal fence is limited at best and not typically aesthetically pleasing.

Metal Fence
Woodcrete Rail Installation

Other Materials

Modern selections like vinyl and fiberglass can provide multiple choices in colors, styles, and finishes. They are also relatively inexpensive and easy to install. These materials are not susceptible to damage by pests, but they lack the durability of precast concrete.

Each of these products will break down over time from exposure to the elements, especially from UV rays. These materials will gradually become brittle, requiring maintenance and eventual replacement, as is true with virtually any of the traditional choices.

No matter how you calculate your costs for installation and maintenance or weigh the benefits of security and privacy, the obvious choice and best value is a precast concrete wall or fence from Fence Installers.

Precast Versus on-Site

Much expertise and science go into each precast concrete element of your fence or wall. By carefully controlling conditions, timing, and details, Fence Installers’ expert precast concrete technicians consistently deliver high-quality products and finishes.

Better controlling the process and environment reduces delivery times and expenses and minimizes waste and errors. Not only does this process improve quality and diminish costs, it means our team will require less time working on your property.

Precast concrete provides the least disruption to your schedule and your family’s daily routines.

Woodcrete Precast Fence with Flowers and Plants
Stacked Stone Precast Concrete Fence

Precast Concrete Aesthetics

Perhaps your idea of a precast wall or fence is something like you might see along the freeway or industrial facility; a cold gray edifice. There are undoubtedly such structures, but that is not what you want in your home.
Your precast concrete wall or fence from Fence Installers will look nothing like those gloomy, nightmarish images. With a wide selection of styles and finishes and the option for adding color and other details, your precast wall or fence can have a custom look that fits your style.

Your precast project will be anything but cookie-cutter or boring. You can even choose our WOODCRETE™ rail fencing for a traditional wood fence appearance with precast concrete’s minimal maintenance and sustainability.

For Your Privacy

What could create more privacy than a solid structure without gaps surrounding your property?

Precast concrete privacy barriers from Fence Installers can be up to 14 feet tall. This robust material creates an opaque barrier to prying eyes for absolute privacy, making it the perfect choice for your peace and quiet.

Precast Concrete Privacy Barriers
Textured Precast Concrete Fence

Stay Secure

The safety and security of your family, pets, and business are important to not only you but also to Fence Installers. Today, more than ever, homeowners and business owners across America seek protection for their homes and businesses.

In these challenging times, Fence Installers understand your concerns and has solutions to fit every situation and budget. There is no better product for securing your residence or business than a precast concrete wall or fence.

Stop intruders before they start with the most impenetrable barrier available. Thieves usually seek the easy target, and your precast concrete wall will hold them at bay by keeping your property out of sight.

Sustainable Precast Concrete

Building your project on-site requires substantial construction of forms and supporting infrastructure. Once completed, all of these materials find their way to the landfill.

Your precast concrete project from Fence Installers starts in our manufacturing facility, where we have all the forms and infrastructure we need to build your project. Once complete, we clean the forms and reuse them for the next customer. Under these controlled conditions, waste is almost nonexistent.

Plus, your precast concrete wall or fence will last multiple decades with little or no maintenance. Unlike other materials, your precast project will not require replacement like wood or other options.

Wood Style Precast Concrete Fence
Woodcrete Rails on open land

Keep It Quiet

Noisy neighbors, busy streets, and nearby industrial or business activity can be annoying or problematic while trying to enjoy your home or business. We all have experiences with annoying noises that keep us awake or interrupt gatherings.

A precast concrete wall or fence from Fence Installers will provide the ultimate barrier to these intrusions. Unlike wood and other materials that are thinner and may have gaps. No other material available for your residential or commercial sound barrier has all the benefits and capabilities of precast concrete.

Virtually Indestructible Precast

Concrete is one of the most durable manufactured materials of all time. Ancient concrete structures still rise from the earth in many regions. Your precast fence from Fence Installers shares that lineage.

You can expect your precast concrete project to last for decades upon decades. It will take significant force to inflict anything more than a small chip in your precast wall or fence. If you have ever attempted to demolish a patio or sidewalk, you can appreciate the effort it might take to destroy a precast concrete wall.

And while other fencing materials fall prey to damage from the elements and pests like termites, precast concrete is immune.

Apartment Complex with Cream Colored Smoothstone Wall
Tan Smoothstone Precast Fence with Pathway

The Cost Efficiency of Precast

By the nature of its durability and minimal maintenance, concrete is typically the most economical choice in the long run. Precast concrete adds to the value by minimizing material waste and production time compared to the many issues that can arise with on-site construction.

Our turnkey process streamlines production and delivers superior results while minimizing waste and controlling costs. We benefit from less overhead and the ability to serve more customers. You, as the homeowner or business owner, benefit from exceptional cost savings and time reduction; everybody wins.
It’s important to consider all the potential costs and savings when choosing a precast concrete wall or fence by Fence Installers. And, don’t forget to count the time you will not spend on maintenance.

Save Time with Precast Concrete

Since most of your project’s activity occurs in our facility, only the final assembly and installation happens at your home or business. Any other option you may choose will have a much larger impact on your business and home.
You not only benefit from less impact on your daily life, but all of the typical mess and waste from on-site construction is also a thing of the past.

Corner of White Chiselstone Precast Fence
Stretch of Woodcrete Precast Fencing

The Choice Is Yours

Fence Installers will create a beautiful and affordable precast concrete project regardless of scope and size. Choose from a wide variety of styles and textures. Use our one-step color infusion process and custom blending technique to add rich, warm tones for a truly custom result.

Whatever your vision, Fence Installers has the knowledge, expertise, and products to bring it to life.

Contact us today to discuss your ideas, discover your options, and upgrade the appearance and value of your home and property with a new precast concrete wall or fence from Fence Installers.

Our Clients’ Feedback:

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    “American Precast Concrete Inc. provided great customer service and speedy delivery when I was in dire need to get a major project overhauled and delivered on time. From receiving a quick free estimate to seeing the my client overly satisfied with the quality; my experience has been nothing short of great.”

    – Steven Brown, Project Manager
  • image_2022_09

    “American Precast Concrete Inc. provided great customer service and speedy delivery when I was in dire need to get a major project overhauled and delivered on time. From receiving a quick free estimate to seeing the my client overly satisfied with the quality; my experience has been nothing short of great.”

    – Steven Brown, Project Manager

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