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Commercial Fence Installation

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There are many reasons to install commercial fencing around the perimeter of your business, and there are just as many types of fencing for you to choose from. Each type will offer different benefits, but few fence types offer the full range of advantages you’ll experience with a precast concrete barrier wall.

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Protect Your Business

When you need to hire someone to install fencing around your commercial property in Los Angeles, it behooves you to work with fence contractors that use a proven installation process.

At Fence Installers, we understand that commercial property owners and managers have specific requirements when it comes to fencing. That’s why we are dedicated to delivering exceptional customer service, products, and installations, no matter the size of your project.

We offer a variety of options to suit your needs, from sound barriers to screening walls and retaining walls that complement your landscaping. If rail fencing is what you need, we have you covered, with numerous finishes to choose from, including realistic stacked stone or brick. Our expert team will guide you through the selection process, ensuring that you get the best value for your investment.

As a commercial property owner, we know that you need low-maintenance solutions that provide long-term value. That’s why we offer precast concrete fences and walls, which have been appreciated by property owners and managers for their durability and low maintenance. These options can add significant value to your investment and project a positive image to your clients and customers. Contact us today to discuss your project and receive a comprehensive quote.

Fence Installers has a tried-and-trusted method for installing precast concrete walls, ensuring that every barrier we build meets our clients’ needs and lasts for decades. We start by using the best products in the industry to ensure a higher standard of quality.

All of our precast walls come from American Precast Concrete, Inc., an established company that’s built a solid reputation with its outstanding precast concrete products. They use a thorough curing process and reinforce every product with steel to ensure that it stands the test of time.

The precast concrete walls on your property are guaranteed to last 50–100 years, helping you maintain high-security standards well into the distant future.

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Why the Right Commercial Fence Installation & Construction Matters

When it comes time to hire a commercial fencing contractor, you’ll want to look for a fence company with knowledge, experience, and an airtight reputation.

It also helps to see examples of some of the work they’ve done in the past. These steps are important, as there are many benefits to working with a reliable commercial fence contractor with high-quality standards.

The right contractor will pay close attention to detail, ensuring that every aspect of labor meets strict specifications for quality. As such, you can trust that your precast concrete wall will meet your expectations.

An experienced contractor will also provide you with an accurate timeline for the commercial projects. While some factors, such as poor weather conditions, may affect your project’s completion, you should work with a fence contractor that sticks as closely as possible to the timeline they’ve laid out.

Fence Installers meet these basic expectations and more. We’ll provide a professional installation process and leave you with a durable and attractive precast concrete wall. Our services can save you untold amounts of time, money, and energy compared to other commercial fencing solutions.

How Our Process Works

Most commercial fencing companies use the same process to install fencing on every commercial property they service, and Fence Installers are no different.

Our unique installation services method ensures that we can provide the same high level of service to every one of our customers. Using a uniform process also serves to prevent problems that might otherwise arise due to miscommunication.

Below, you’ll find an overview of our installation process. You can use this guide to follow our work as we run through your estimated timeline. You’ll see that an organized step-by-step process helps us keep tighter control over costs, time constraints, and the quality of customer service we provide.

1.Performing an On-Site Project Evaluation by a Trusted Fence Installation Company

Our first step in building a precast concrete wall for your commercial or industrial business is to visit your property.

This is an essential step that must take place before we can help you design your walls. That’s because an in-person evaluation gives us the opportunity to measure the length of your walls.

Additionally, visiting your property allows us to observe factors that might affect installation.

Challenges that can impact our work include the shape of your property lines, the existence of underground equipment, or your property’s landscaping design. Taking these issues into account before we begin the real work of design lets us plan your wall installation with greater care and accuracy.

2.Planning and Designing Your Precast Concrete Walls

The planning and design phase is when we get creative and allow you to customize the look of your precast concrete walls. We’ll help you create a one-of-a-kind wall that meets your security, privacy, and curb appeal needs. You’ll start by choosing the dimensions of your wall, including its height and thickness.

The design process will also include deciding on a color and texture for your walls.

We offer a wide range of designs to help you make your commercial fences or walls more attractive.

Alternatively, you can embed your walls with a unique design, such as a business logo or geometric pattern that’s pleasing to the eye. We’ll apply these design options to the molds our partner, American Precast Concrete, will use to build your concrete wall panels.

3.Precasting Your Concrete Wall Panels Before the Installation Begins

Once we’ve completed work on the molds, the next step is to fill them with concrete. The molding process involves adding rebar and steel supports to ensure that your finished wall has the necessary strength and durability.

Once we’ve poured the concrete, each panel will be stored in a temperature-controlled area for curing. The curing process guarantees that your walls are ready for installation as soon as American Precast Concrete delivers them to your business address.

4.Preparing Your Property for the Wall Installation Process

While your concrete panels are curing, the experienced team at Fence Installers will be busy preparing your commercial or industrial property for installation, which involves installing footings at regular intervals.

We’ll set the footings in the ground and surround them with a super-strong concrete base for superior stability. The footings will hold your concrete wall panels in place, even in the event of an extreme weather event like an earthquake.

5.Shipping Your Concrete Panels to You

The curing process typically takes three to four weeks. After the panels have fully cured, they’ll be loaded onto a truck and delivered right to your doorstep. Each panel will be securely fastened to prevent shifting and travel-related damage.

6.Installing Your Precast Concrete Wall

Once your precast concrete wall panels arrive, we can begin the installation process.

Before we put the panels in place, we’ll offload and position them at the precise spots where they’ll eventually be erected. This will help us inventory the pieces and confirm that everything is where it’s supposed to be. We’ll also use this opportunity to inspect for damage.

After verifying that the panels are in good condition, we’ll begin installing your wall. Our process involves erecting one panel at a time, following the shape and length of the wall design. We’ll install the panels one by one, making sure each one is set and secured between the footings before moving on to the next.

When installing a standard six-foot wall with a length of 100 feet, the entire process will take around five days. Longer walls will take more time according to their precise dimensions. Likewise, adding barbed wire or other security measures can also increase the total time of your project.

7.Applying the Finishing Touches to Your Fencing Installation Project

To finish the job, we’ll add concrete caps that cover the tops of the panels where they join together, closing the gaps between the footings to create a stronger, more complete-looking wall. We’ll specially design the caps to be visually appealing in addition to serving a structural function.

We have no doubt that your finished precast concrete fences or walls will meet your high expectations for appearance and functionality.

You can leave the wall as-is, or you might choose to paint it or affix security cameras, lights, and other features, which you can do without worrying about negatively impacting the integrity of the wall.

Understanding Fence Installer's Many Benefits for Commercial Properties

Before you consider a commercial fence installation, it can help to learn more about the benefits of a precast concrete wall. Compared to wrought iron, chain link, or other types of fencing, a precast concrete barrier wall offers several distinctive advantages.

The following benefits will set your precast concrete wall apart from the fencing on other commercial and industrial properties.


The primary purpose of installing fencing is to protect your business property, employees, and customers.

While many types of security fencing can be effective, few are as entry-proof as a precast concrete wall. When the gates are securely closed, an individual might be able to slip through an iron fence. Even with barbed wire on top, a determined thief or vandal might be able to climb a chain link fence.

By contrast, precast concrete fences are practically impenetrable. Someone would need specialized climbing equipment to make it past a tall concrete barrier. This makes it unlikely that trespassers will be able to access your business when it’s not open to customers.

Additionally, you can mount lights, cameras, and other types of perimeter security equipment and deterrents on your concrete barrier walls for enhanced protection.


A precast concrete wall can also create a better customer experience for your business since your parking lot and exterior property won’t be visible to the general public. This enhanced privacy can encourage your customers to engage with your business more freely and make them feel safer during their visit.

Heightened privacy will also help you plan outdoor events on your commercial property.

Since the general public won’t be able to see beyond your concrete wall and access will be strictly limited to the security gates at the entryway, you can better control admission and make sure your guests enjoy themselves comfortably.


Your concrete barrier walls will require very little maintenance. Other than using a garden hose or pressure washer to occasionally rinse away dirt and grime, you can enjoy your precast concrete barrier without having to worry about the upkeep. As previously mentioned, the walls we install will last for decades.

Some types of industrial fences require periodic repairs, especially as they start to age. Rust, accidental damage and deliberate acts of vandalism can all take a toll on wrought iron, chain link, or wood fences.

A precast concrete wall won’t fall prey to these conditions. Your wall will remain an effective barrier despite any number of adverse conditions. It may even outlast your business!

Fire Safety

In addition to standing up to harsh weather conditions, your precast concrete wall will be fully fire-resistant. This is an important consideration if you’re headquartered in a region where wildfires are common. Alternatively, your commercial property will stay safe if a neighboring business catches fire.

Commercial Fencing Installation Cost

When a commercial fence company provides you with an estimate for your new commercial fence installation, you’ll find that the quote includes how much fencing you’ll need in total linear feet as well as labor costs for the actual installation.

When it comes to installing a wrought iron or chain link fence, these factors can drive up the costs for your fencing project.

Installing a precast concrete wall can help you set and stick to a smaller budget for your fencing project. Since the precast concrete panels will be manufactured at an off-site facility, you won’t have to worry about the extra labor involved in pouring and curing the concrete.

We’re confident enough in our work to say that we’ll finish the installation faster than another commercial fencing company could install a chain link or wrought iron fence.


Commercial Fence Repair Services

A precast concrete wall rarely needs repairs, meaning you’ll save on these costs compared to other types of fencing.

However, if you’re concerned that an accident or deliberate act might damage your wall, you should know that repairing a precast concrete wall is simpler and more cost-effective than repairing traditional commercial fencing.

If a segment of your wall becomes damaged or marred by graffiti, we can simply remove the affected precast wall panels and replace them with newly cured panels that match your existing molds. When we’re done, your wall will look as clean and new as it did when we first installed it.

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If you’re ready to replace an existing commercial fence or install industrial fencing for the first time, Fence Installers can help you explore your options. We’ll build a precast concrete wall that will beautify your company’s premises while keeping them private and secure.

Contact us today to request a quote or learn more about our commercial fencing installation process.

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