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CA LIC #1057703
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Chiselstone Fence Installation

Chiselstone Precast Concrete Fence


At Fence Installers, we specialize in installing durable and low-maintenance precast concrete wall systems that can enhance the appearance and security of their property.

American Precast’s CHISELSTONE™ precast concrete walls offer the classic and natural look of chiseled slate without the need for constant upkeep.

Unlike traditional stone or masonry walls, our precast concrete walls are installed to last and won’t deteriorate over time, even in freezing temperatures. You won’t have to worry about regular maintenance or matching new materials to the original wall in case of repairs.

American Precast’s products are perfect for both residential and commercial installations, and they provide a warm and welcoming environment with a classic feel. If you’re looking for a durable and low-maintenance solution that will enhance the appearance and security of your property, then look no further than Fence Installers and American Precast’s CHISELSTONE™ precast concrete wall systems.


CHISELSTONE™ Precast Wall Systems – Installation Features & Benefits

Combining the beauty of stone and the sustainable durability of precast concrete delivers the best of both worlds.


  • Easy Installation
    Solid Construction, No Mortar Required
  • Authentic Look and Feel of Masonry
    Classic Stone Appearance in a Solid Structure
  • Superior Process and Techniques
    Decades of Proven Strength and Durability
  • Many Color Options Available
    Add Rich, Warm Tones in Your Favorite Shade


Eliminate potential issues inherent in traditional masonry and achieve a worry-free, low-maintenance solution that increases property values and will last a lifetime.

Other benefits of your home’s CHISELSTONE™ precast wall are:

  • Cost-Effective
    Traditional masonry construction is far costlier than a precast concrete installation’s relative simplicity and ease.
  • Seamless Installation
    Your precast concrete CHISELSTONE™ wall presents zero gaps providing a solid structure up to 14 feet tall, set in sections 5 feet on-center post to post.
  • The Beauty of Security
    The natural, graceful appearance of stone disguises a precast concrete wall’s robust nature and formidable strength. No one will know if you don’t tell them.
  • Your Personal Touch
    Choose from our many color options to customize your installation. Enhance the natural beauty of stone and create a cohesive look for your home.
  • Beat Mother Nature
    The durability of concrete is legendary and well-established. Your CHISELSTONE™ wall system will last decades with little or no maintenance, and its color will not fade.

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