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Using the Right Entry Gate for Your Precast Concrete Fence and Gate Installation

A precast concrete fence with a iron fence installed in the entry way of a property.

You already have your heart set on investing in a precast concrete fence installation. Now it’s time to start thinking about how things can get in instead of keeping everything out. That means deciding which gate is suitable for your precast concrete fence.

How do you know which one’s best for your needs? Here are some details surrounding entry gates and what types work best for this type of fence.


It seems ironic to start with discussing security when talking about a gate. But gates are meant to let the right things in, not be a rotating door for anything that wants to waltz right through. Depending on why you’re getting a precast concrete fence installation, you may want to consider getting a fence that tightens security.

Concrete fences are known for being secure by themselves. However, if you have restricted or sensitive items on your property, not having a security gate can be an enormous liability.

Residential spaces will usually have less need for something so ironclad. But if security is important to you, it doesn’t matter where your property is — you owe it to yourself to invest in a security gate.

Additional Security Measures

In addition to sturdy construction materials, there are additional security measures you can take full advantage of. Automatic unlocking and locking, card readers or keypads, and even cameras are all excellent ways to bolster security for and around your gate.

Additional security is also a great benefit that will give you added peace of mind when you travel or spend long periods away from home.


Decorative, ornate gates can add charm and an inviting feel to your property. And unlike the security gates, these are much more likely to appeal to homeowners.

You’ll want to choose a material that matches your fence for the best possible look. It doesn’t necessarily have to be the same material — just one that compliments it. Modern gates made from metal with clean lines work well with precast concrete. But a wrought-iron gate with an interesting pattern can be just as beautiful if you’d like something more classic.

Materials Matter

Certain materials will fit your look over others, but keep in mind that they might not complement your fence’s appearance. Your gate and fence’s functionality should always come first. Fortunately, you can find gates made from most materials that fulfill multiple roles, like stunning security gates or minimalist aesthetic gates.

Gate Location

Where you place your gate could also make your decision a bit easier. The contractors working on your precast concrete fence installation need to know where the gate is going before they start the project. A front gate may need to look different than one at the rear.

If you decide to install a front and rear gate, you may want your front gate to be more aesthetically pleasing and the back gate to have tighter security. Smaller walkthrough gates to the backyard or driveway will also have different aspects, especially since they’ll have unique functions.

Your HOA

Before you tick off all the boxes with the above considerations, one significant one could change your entire plan: your HOA. HOAs may dictate what color or style your gate needs to be. It’s wise to check with them first before making any purchases or commitments so you don’t spend money on a gate you can’t use.

HOAs might also have other specific requirements beyond how your gate looks. These requirements could even affect your precast concrete fence installation, so remember to get any necessary information that could conflict with your project’s vision.

The Height

The gates for precast concrete fencing attach to their own posts. That means you won’t have to worry about the gate being compatible with the fence. It only needs to work with the post you attach it to. However, you’ll still have to ensure your gate has a similar height to your fence.

In some cases, you may want a slightly taller or shorter fence for security or aesthetic reasons. But going too far in either direction will look strange and could affect how the gate works. If you plan to purchase a fence with a different height, typically, going taller is better than going shorter.

Hire the Right Company for Your Precast Concrete Fence Installation

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