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The Average Precast Concrete Fence Installation Costs

Precast concrete fencing slabs before installation.

Precast concrete fence installation can be a wise investment for various reasons. But is one of those reasons the affordability of these fences? With their growing popularity, you may wonder how much precast concrete fence installation costs.

Here’s an overview of the typical costs of installing these walls and what factors affect the price.

Precast Concrete: Overall Cost of Installing Fences

Concrete is popular for fences and walls, but multiple factors can affect the fence installation cost. Precast concrete walls are often up to 23% cheaper than poured concrete, currently costing an average of $4,800. The cost on the low end can be as little as $1500, while more involved or custom fence installations can reach $8000 and up.

While this price can fluctuate with labor and square foot factors, remember that labor is often much cheaper with precast concrete. Most of the work is done during the manufacturing process, so you’re saving more than you think by going this route over poured concrete.

Ways to Save on Precast Concrete Fence Installation Costs

Trying a DIY installation for precast concrete fences can be tempting to further save on costs, especially if you’re looking at a smaller project. But this approach won’t yield the same quality of results a professional installation can and is often more expensive overall. It can take a lot of valuable time and even be dangerous.

Precast concrete fences are, on average, the most affordable way to enjoy the benefits of concrete fences or walls. And the wide price range means you can still consider your budget without compromising on what you want.

Factors that Impact the Fence Cost or Expenses

Aside from labor, size, and which company or contractor you work with, several factors can change how much you’ll pay for a precast concrete fence installation.

Permits and Taxes

You’ll need approval for your fence before any installation begins, including local permits and abiding by building codes. These expenses can add a few hundred or even thousand dollars, depending on where you live and how large your fence is.

Building Materials

Precast concrete fences are loved for how much control customers have over the final product. But depending on style and fence material selection, the price could start creeping up on you. If you’re concerned about budget, you can always opt for different design elements or discuss your options with a professional.

Drainage and Reinforcement

Even though precast concrete fences are simple for professionals to install, there are usually landscaping alterations your fence installers will need to take care of as well. Concrete walls need enough drainage underneath them, so land without this feature could see separate expenses to add more drainage.

Reinforcing your wall will also cost you if that’s something you need or your installers recommend. Wall reinforcement can generally be cheaper than more drainage. As you’re charged by the square foot, the price increases with the more reinforcement you need.


Where you’re installing your new fence can increase or decrease your expenses dramatically. For example, it’s challenging to install precast concrete fences on hilly or mountainous terrain, even for professional fence installers.

If you want a fence installed on uneven land, you will likely need to factor in the costs of having the landscape evened out. The installation zone should also be easy to access to avoid a significant hike in final costs.


Size is a factor that goes beyond how much square footage your new fence takes up — but not necessarily how you’d expect. Often, the longer your wall is, the cheaper it becomes overall.

This is not necessarily reflected in the upfront costs but is rather determined by square footage, as the material cost goes down significantly for materials purchased in bulk.

It would be best also to consider how tall you want your fence. Unlike fence length, your fence’s height will be more expensive the higher it is.

Bells and Whistles

The price will change based on the extras you want to be included in your installation. Particular finishes, colors, designs, and styles could considerably move the dial forward or backward.

Typically, the more you lean into aesthetics, the more you can expect to pay for the fencing. But realistic textures and designs can make or break for many homeowners, so the extra expense is often worth the cost.

Professional, Affordable Precast Concrete Fence Installation

Ready to get a personalized estimate for your new precast concrete fencing and walls? We’d like to show you how achievable precast concrete fence installation is for virtually any budget. Reach out to Fence Installers today for estimates and to learn more about our fence installation services in California!