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Questions to Ask Your Fence Contractor Prior to Your Residential Installation

Fence installers installing a fence in a southern california neighborhood

Installing a fence around your residential property allows you to create a private and secure outdoor space. You’ll be able to enjoy your yard more fully while enhancing the curb appeal of your property.

Before scheduling the installation, knowing what to ask your contractor will result in a more positive installation process.

Who Handles the Permitting Process?

When installing fencing, you need a building permit. Typically, your fence installer will obtain the building permit prior to starting the project. If they want you to apply for the permit, you should ask why they won’t obtain it. Most of the time, the contractor will handle this issue to save time.

In some cases, a company that isn’t licensed or insured will ask its customers to apply for permits. Alternatively, you might want to get the permit if you’re planning other renovations besides the fence installation.

While each situation is unique, you should try to become as informed as possible about the legitimacy of the contractor’s business.

Do You Have a License and Insurance?

An unlicensed installation company may have lost its license due to illegal or unsafe practices. Additionally, it won’t be able to obtain liability insurance without a license. Ask for proof of a valid license and proof of insurance before hiring any company.

Otherwise, you might face liability issues if a worker gets injured on your property. Keep in mind that anything that happens on your property is ultimately your responsibility. Ensuring your fencing company has the proper documentation to perform the work will help you protect your financial and legal interests.

Who Contacts Utility Companies?

Any fence installation requires some amount of digging on your property. This means you’ll have to contact your gas and power companies to ensure there won’t be lines in the way. Some fence installation companies have their own process for working with utility companies.

Alternatively, the contractor may ask you to handle this aspect of the installation. If so, don’t feel overwhelmed. You’ll just have to contact each company to inform them of the installation. They will visit your property and communicate with the installation contractor to determine when it’s safe to proceed.

What Warranties Are Available?

Before buying your fence or planning the installation, inquire about warranties. The manufacturer of each fence will offer a different type of warranty, so you might get more for your money by comparing warranties.

Additionally, ask the installation company if they provide their own warranties on workmanship. A workmanship warranty can give you an added layer of protection.

Can You Provide an Itemized Quote?

An itemized quote will give you a good starting point for exploring the total cost of your fence installation. Review the quote to see what’s involved in the installation. Make sure to ask about any fees or services that are necessary but aren’t included in the quote. This can save you from unexpected hidden costs after the completion of the project.

How Will You Handle Irregular Property Traits?

Unusual property divisions, uneven land, or trees that sit right on the property line will present challenges in the installation process. Before scheduling the installation, the fencing company should visit your property to evaluate these traits.

Ask the installation company how they will work with these flaws in your property. They may want to work around trees or have a process for installing fencing on uneven land.

Discussing these issues with the installation contractor can give you more control over how the fence gets installed. You might be able to offer alternative options that the contractor hasn’t considered.

Can You Provide References and Work Samples?

Even though a contractor might have legitimate documentation to prove they can legally perform the installation, their work quality is still subjective.

Check references provided by the company in addition to looking for online reviews. This will allow you to explore the experiences other customers have had with the company.

You should also visit sites where the company has provided fence installation services. Viewing samples of the company’s work will help you determine the quality of its workmanship. You’ll see the work’s strength and durability firsthand, which can give you a better opportunity to evaluate the company’s skills and quality of service.

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