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Your Step-by-Step Guide Through the Precast Concrete Fence Installation Process

Your Step-by-Step Guide Through the Precast Concrete Fence Installation Process

Concrete fencing is back and reinvigorated: Gone are the days of soulless slabs, thanks to precast concrete walls. Now, homeowners and business owners everywhere can enjoy the benefits of owning a concrete fence without worrying about how it represents their business or affects their curb appeal.

There are many ways to express your creativity with colors and surface finishes, and precast fences make the installation process a snap compared to other options, but you may wonder what a precast concrete fence installation even looks like. Here are all the step-by-step details a new precast concrete customer should know:

Your Consultation and Estimate

The first step in the fence installation process is getting to know the installation site better. To do that, the contractors will need to examine the area. They’ll be looking for anything that could impede their progress, like landscaping or previous fencing. Other aspects, like the natural slope of the land, can also affect how long and expensive the project will be, so gathering that information ahead of time is a smart move for both parties.

Contractors will also discuss your needs with you and gather any additional details or design elements you’d like them to know about. Though that can be an excellent chance to address some of your specific concerns, such as security or price, it’s also the best time to let the installers know about more pressing things, like utility lines running beneath the installation area. The more precise you are on your expectations here, the happier you’ll be with your final product, so don’t hold back.

Once they have a good grasp on the site, the contractors can start mapping out what the project will look like and provide you with an estimate.

The Design Stage

Now that the company has all your specs in mind, they can draw up a picture of a highly detailed final product. They’ll either use the design elements you request or create something based on the needs you expressed during the initial consultation. The design process is where the flexibility of precast concrete fencing shines, as the designers can incorporate virtually any color, shape, and size you imagine.

You’ll have an opportunity to sign off on the initial design and request any changes. When you approve the draft, you’ll sign a client agreement and start the fence installation process in earnest.

Creating the Custom Molds

The ingenuity of precast concrete comes from making molds that mirror the design precisely. Your fence engineers will break down the design into sections, each being a panel that gets a separate mold, and the production team will take it from there, making custom molds to ensure that they match your approved design. They’ll also do a cursory quality assurance check to fully ensure that everything looks like it should before filling the molds.

Transporting the Molds and Building the Foundation

Once the molds are deemed ready, your fencing company will come to pick them up and deliver them to the fence installation site. There’s a slight change in the fence installation process if the project is large enough — some require contractors to cast them onsite — but if they’re ready, they’ll drop them off and take other measures to prepare for installation.

Meanwhile, you should already have a construction crew installing fence footings at the site, which are structural supports that will help keep your new precast concrete fence secured. If any previous fencing is to be removed, it will be taken care of now to ensure the space is ready for the new fence.

Installing the Fence Sections

The final step of the fence installation process is also the most obvious: the installation itself! A crew will carefully move each section to the fence line and slot it in place. The sections get some extra fortification with steel supports and a concrete cap for good measure and to make the fence look more appealing.

With the installation complete, your contractor should wrap up any loose ends and discuss how the process went with you. They’ll also answer any final questions about being a new precast concrete fence owner.

Take Your First Step with Fence Installers

Concrete is no longer a stone-cold material, as precast concrete fencing is the superior way to get a beautiful, custom fence that will last a lifetime. No company can deliver on that better than Fence Installers. Learn more about our fence installation process and discuss your options with us today!