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How to Prepare Your Land for Precast Concrete Fence Installation

Precast concrete fence posts surrounding the perimeter of the yard where the fence installation will occur.

It’s finally time for you to install your new fence. You feel prepared, but how ready is your yard? It’s easy to forget that the land where you install a precast concrete fence will undergo some heavy changes, so it’ll need extra attention to ensure a smooth installation.

Here are some simple steps you can take to guarantee a more manageable process once your professional precast concrete fence installation begins.

Start with the Plat

Permits are a sensible place to begin your preparations, but many places require you to have a plat before you can apply for permits. Plats are maps of your neighborhood created by civil engineers that show all of the property lines of each property in the area.

You will want to avoid overstepping these boundaries; even if your fence is only an inch into someone else’s property, you may be required to take your fence down, costing you a lot of money and potentially souring your relationship with your neighbors.


No project can get off the ground without the proper documentation. You or a licensed contractor working with you can apply for the permit. Before applying for your permits, gather some information about your local building codes and regulations.

If you have an HOA, they’ll likely have additional rules about fences you’ll want to comply with. Building without permits could have heavy repercussions, like paying fines or being ordered to remove the fence entirely.

Clean Up Your Yard

Cleaning up your yard is a step you can start at any time, but it’s a crucial one. Removing trash, debris, or anything else that might get in the way during your installation is essential. Anything that you plan on keeping but could still be an obstacle — like patio furniture — should be moved far away from the worksite.

Moving these items is not only helpful for your installers, but it also ensures they aren’t accidentally damaged during the installation.

Inform the Neighbors

Your neighbors should have a heads up of when the construction is happening. Fortunately, installing precast concrete fences and walls isn’t as disruptive as some other home improvement projects can be.

Still, it’s wise to let your neighbors know when it’s happening. And if you’re building the fence along a property line, you should let these neighbors know your plans well in advance since it also affects them. And should your neighbor be interested, you could get some help with expenses.

Mark and Clear Out the Fence Line

Not all fence installations happen directly on a property line. You’ll want to stake out the line for your upcoming fence in these cases. The visual aspect of the stakes can help you maintain consistent calculations when you discuss things with your contractor.

The more accurate the reading, the more likely you will get the right size fence without over or under-ordering.

Clearing out the fence line is slightly different from cleaning up your yard. This step involves removing everything possible from the area to prepare for and speed up the installation. Some things, like large trees, aren’t movable, so you may need to reconsider your fence line if they get in the way.

Check with Your Utility Companies

Checking with your utility companies is an easy step to overlook, but it’s a big one: you want to avoid installing a fence in a place that could damage any lines or pipes. Doing so can cause a host of problems that can derail your project.

Talk with your utility companies to get detailed information on where pipes and wires are located to prevent yourself from making this mistake.

Hire Your Fencing Company

The real work on your fence begins once you find the company to do your installation. You can research reputable companies as you complete the other steps, but it’s best to make your selection before starting the process to benefit from expert guidance along the way.

Hiring the right contractor that can install your precast concrete fence like a pro is crucial to the success of your project. Make sure to check reviews online and ask the company for an estimate early.

The Pros at Fence Installers Are Ready to Install Your Fence

Preparing for such an extensive home improvement project can seem daunting, but with the right team of experts, you can enjoy a smooth and efficient precast concrete fence installation.
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