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How to Find a Reputable Contractor for Installing Precast Concrete Fences

Two fence contractors inspecting the concrete posts before they are sent out to the property.

Finding any contractor is as straightforward as doing a quick search online; finding a reputable contractor, however, can be much more difficult. And if there’s anything a homeowner should focus on before they start a large-scale home improvement project, it’s finding a contractor they can trust.

Here’s how to sift through the noise and find the right fencing contractor to install your precast concrete fence.

More than Quality Materials

Going with a contractor that uses quality materials in their installations is important. But there’s also merit in ensuring the people using these materials also care about doing high-quality work.

If the team installing your fence does a poor job, you could risk spending more money correcting problems or handling additional maintenance and repairs down the road, regardless of what materials you use.

It’s always worth going with a contractor with a strong history of doing quality work above all else.

Customer Care

It’s natural to want your input heard or your questions answered. Unfortunately, many contractors won’t respond to calls or emails or consider your feelings about the project’s direction.

A good contractor listens to their clients and discusses options to find a solution that works for all parties. They should also be forthcoming with critical information like timelines or estimates so that you aren’t kept in the dark during the fence installation.

Customer service is always important in every line of business. But with large-scale projects or investments like concrete fences, having open communication is vital.

Experience in Installing Precast Concrete Fences

Even the most open, qualified general contractors have their weaknesses. And if you need new fencing, fence installation shouldn’t be one of those weaknesses.

It’s expected that some contractors will have more experience in certain fields. But choosing one that focuses on fencing installation is crucial to ensure the process runs smoothly.

This experience not only ensures the best outcome for your project; it also affects the quality of advice you receive for maintenance after the installation and any recommendations before the installation begins. An inexperienced contractor may offer incorrect suggestions that jeopardize your project.

You should feel like you can trust your contractor, so make sure that’s easy for you by hiring a professional with plenty of experience installing precast concrete fences.

References, Recommendations, and Accolades

A fencing contractor can tell you how successful they are, but how do you know whether these claims hold true? You should be able to find or request references and other information that demonstrates that the fencing company is as good as they claim.

Just like you’d do your research through reviews for any other product, it’s wise to do the same before you hire a contractor. And credentials are equally important — contractors need to fulfill your state’s licensing requirements.

The Power of Choice

Precast concrete fence pros will have many options for their clients to choose from. Whether you’re looking for specific materials or need your fence for a specific reason, a quality contractor should be able to come back to you with multiple solutions.

These contractors will also have the proper training to assess whether certain materials or styles suit your needs. And no contractors should pressure you to make any specific choice; the power should still belong to you to have the final say.

What They’re Willing to Do

Depending on what your specific project requires, even qualified general contractors may not be able to meet your needs. Some contractors won’t deal with sloped surfaces, while others can’t guarantee the project will be finished within your timeline.

Ask your contractor if they can meet your needs beforehand, laying out any information you feel might be pertinent to the project. Professional fencing contractors should have no problem meeting most requirements and can find a way to make things work.

You will also want to consider other services, like design consultations, acquiring building or zoning permits, or helping with marking boundaries and utilities. Research what the contractors you’re interested in are capable of.

If you need help to design your precast concrete fence, hiring a company that only does fencing installations won’t benefit you.

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