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Can I DIY My Precast Fence Installation?

California home that is having a wooden fence removed and having a precast fence installed

Homeowners and business owners always look for creative ways to save on property improvement projects. Going DIY is an enticing prospect; it can save you money on labor costs, give you a sense of pride, and even teach you some valuable skills.

But when it comes to precast fence installations, is it worth it — or even possible — to do it all yourself? Take a look at these benefits and drawbacks of a residential and commercial DIY fence installation and what tips you can use to help the process go smoothly.

Is DIY a Bad Idea?

There are two ways to look at a DIY precast concrete fence installation. On the one hand, it’s an intense undertaking that is almost always better left to professionals.

Between the time commitment and the energy cost, you’ll often find it worth spending the money to have it done without worrying about how long it will take or if it’s done right.

But that doesn’t mean it’s impossible, either. Choosing to DIY your fence installation requires basic skills and a relatively free calendar to complete the job. But with some know-how and tenacity, it can be a feasible option if your mind is set on going the DIY route.

It could also be more plausible for commercial spaces to go DIY, depending on what industry you’re in. If you have access to the correct tools and human resources for the job, you could get decent results, even if it would take some extra time.

Take the Time to Plan Projects of Any Size

One of the reasons professionals can execute large-scale construction projects is that they spend considerable time in the planning phase.

Whether you’re working with a spacious commercial property or a small section of your home, you can benefit from this same principle. Plan everything out at each step, with possible solutions or pivots, should things change during construction.

Talking with your fence manufacturer can help flesh out your plan, as they can likely offer alternatives, point out any flaws, and give general tips to help everything proceed smoothly. When you finish your planning, you should immediately send your plans and any other necessary documents to receive a permit for your project.

Even if you’re still hashing details out with the manufacturer, you want to do this early enough that you aren’t preemptively buying materials or renting equipment. If the planning department requires that you make changes to your concept, you could be out a reasonable sum of money.

Tips for a Successful DIY Fence Installation

A solid plan and basic skills aren’t the only things you want to have before starting your project. Here are other tips that could make all the difference when construction begins:

Use Quality Equipment

Your fence installation isn’t the time to cut corners. Since you’re already saving on labor by going DIY, don’t hesitate to do whatever it takes to ensure you have access to the right equipment.

Using improper equipment can make your job much more difficult. When you use the wrong equipment, you may need to call a professional to correct mistakes.

Learn What You Can

The more knowledge you have going into your DIY installation, the more prepared you will be, and the more likely your job will run smoothly.

Talk with your precast concrete manufacturer for details about fence construction, and review videos from trusted sources online. Many people are visual learners, and seeing construction work done can enormously benefit anyone.

Call for Backup

If you’re an avid DIY enthusiast, you probably have amassed a lengthy list of phone numbers you can call for assistance. Whether calling for backup from friends or bartering and making deals with local retailers to ensure you get the necessary equipment, this is when you don’t want to be shy about asking for help.

Installing a precast fence is a big job, and just because you are going, DIY doesn’t mean you won’t need extra hands to move everything along.

Precast Concrete Fence Installation by the Professionals

Can you DIY your precast fence installation? While it’s not an easy task, it’s certainly possible. By following these tips and prioritizing planning, you can have a better chance of success with your DIY installation.

You can also call the professionals at American Precast Fences to take care of it for you. Leave the building to us so that you can focus on more important things. Reach out to learn more and get a free estimate for your project today!