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A Helpful Guide to Privacy Fencing and Property Lines

A precast concrete wall surrounding a residential property with purpose of being a privacy fence.

A privacy fence can be a wonderful addition to your property. As the name suggests, it can provide some much-needed privacy. In addition, it can also boost your property value and improve the style of your outdoor living spaces. However, many homeowners face challenges during privacy fence installation, especially concerning property lines.

Where Can I Put My Privacy Fence?

A privacy fence typically runs along all or part of a property. This can make your privacy fence installation tricky, as it isn’t always clear whether you can actually build on the property line.
Generally speaking, privacy fences don’t go exactly on the property line. Typically, setting your privacy fence back just a few inches makes the process easier and can avoid legal disputes.

However, keep in mind that you’re still responsible for the maintenance of any of your property that falls outside the fence line.

It’s essential to note that your privacy fence installation is likely governed by local by-laws, which will be unique to different areas. You can’t assume the same standards at a national or even state level. Instead, you should go with trusted local installers who know the specific requirements in your area.

Do I Need a Permit for Privacy Fence Installation?

Many home improvement projects require permits. However, not all of them do. Whether you need a permit for your fence will again come down to your specific area. Local governments have planning and zoning requirements that may impact your planned fence.

In most cases, getting a fence permit is fairly straightforward as they don’t meet the same stringent standards as larger structures. However, the height and length of your fence may play a factor, with taller fences often facing stricter requirements.

Whatever you do, make sure to settle any questions about permits before breaking ground. Even if you’re legally allowed to put up a fence, doing so without getting a permit first could result in fines or even having to take it down.

What if My Neighbor Already Has a Fence?

Some homeowners find themselves in a position where their neighbor has a fence, but they still want their own privacy fence installation. Maybe your neighbor has let their fence fall into disrepair or has a chain link or picket fence that doesn’t offer privacy.

You can run into some trouble here, as building two fences directly beside each other makes maintenance challenging. You’ll have to find out how close your neighbor’s fence is to the property line. If it’s a foot or more, putting up your own fence will create a grassy alley between the two but won’t make taking care of either fence more difficult.

Can My Neighbor and I Install a Fence Together?

Dealing with your neighbor can be a nightmare if you disagree with the privacy fence installation. Luckily, there are also cases where both of you think it’s a great idea. In this type of scenario, you might be able to work with your neighbor to put a fence directly on the property line.

You’ll have to lay out maintenance agreements and other details beforehand to avoid disputes later. Check your local government regulations about shared fences, as these could impact your plan. Ideally, you and your neighbor should split the privacy fence installation cost to save on expenses.

What Happens if We Disagree on the Property Line?

Now, what if you and your neighbor disagree on the property line? This is a relatively common scenario. Remember that yielding to your neighbor and setting your fence back further could mean losing practical access to a part of your property or losing it legally.

If you can’t agree on the property line, your best bet is to get a professional survey. This will settle the dispute and avoid any potential legal implications that could come up later on.

How Can I Make Sure My Fence Is Legal?

If you want to do things by the book, your best bet is to go with trusted professionals for your privacy fence installation. You can avoid issues down the line, prevent potential disputes with your neighbors, and ensure that all required permits are properly handled.

Contact Fence Installers for an estimate on a beautiful and functional concrete fence to find the best options for your privacy fence installation. Enjoy a cost-effective solution to your privacy needs and years of worry-free performance in any weather.