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CA LIC #1057703
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Blockcrete Fence Installation


Install a beautiful fence with the appeal of professional masonry but without all the labor, mass, maintenance, and expense with BLOCKCRETE® by Fence Installers.

Blockcrete Precast Concrete Fence
A House with Blockcrete Fence

BLOCKCRETE® Installation for Your Home or Commercial Property

Faithfully replicate the look and feel of a large-block masonry wall by installing American Precast’s unique BLOCKCRETE® line of precast concrete walls.

BLOCKCRETE® is the ideal solution for any property style or size. Precast concrete walls and fences installed by Fence Installers offer exceptional versatility and value compared to other fencing and wall options.

Our solid-wall construction eliminates mortar and the associated problems of maintenance and replacement. Achieve the authentic look of masonry with all the benefits of precast concrete. Never worry about the adverse effects of severe weather or other challenges inherent in traditional masonry or wooden fences.

Over the years, the elements, especially moisture and freezing temperatures, will deteriorate traditional materials like mortar, creating the need for maintenance and repairs. The steady march of time will eventually make replacing some aged components of a typical fence necessary.

Your precast concrete BLOCKCRETE® wall will suffer no such damage or challenges. Our proven techniques and turnkey process deliver the market’s most durable and sustainable security barriers.

BLOCKCRETE® Precast Wall Systems – Installation Features & Benefits

Combining the rich feel and look of masonry with the strength and durability of precast concrete makes BLOCKCRETE® a superb value and easy choice for many clients. Eliminate potential issues inherent in traditional masonry and achieve a worry-free, low-maintenance solution that increases property values and will last a lifetime.


  • Easy Installation
    Solid Construction, No Mortar Required
  • Authentic Look and Feel of Masonry
    Classic Stone Appearance in a Solid Structure
  • Superior Process and Techniques
    Decades of Proven Strength and Durability
  • Many Color Options Available
    Add Rich, Warm Tones in Your Favorite Shade


  • Cost-Effective
    Traditional masonry construction is far costlier than a precast concrete installation’s relative simplicity and ease.
  • Seamless Installation
    Your precast concrete BLOCKCRETE® wall presents zero gaps providing a solid structure up to 14 feet tall, set in sections 5 feet on-center post to post.
  • The Beauty of Security
    The natural, graceful appearance of stone disguises a precast concrete wall’s robust nature and formidable strength. No one will know if you don’t tell them.
  • Your Personal Touch
    Choose from our many color options to customize your installation. Enhance the natural beauty of stone and create a cohesive look for your property.
  • Beat Mother Nature
    The durability of concrete is legendary and well-established. Your BLOCKCRETE® wall system will last decades with little or no maintenance, and its color will not fade.

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