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Expert Fence Installers in Southern California

Fence Installers is the premier fence installation company in Southern California. With more than 45 years in the business, our expertise as fencing contractors is something you can’t find anywhere else.

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Why Choose Our Fence Company?

Whether you’ve spent hours online searching “fence installation near me” or you’re just beginning your search, it ends with Fence Installers. California trusts our teams because of our unique customer service approach, unsurpassed dedication to quality, and superior concrete fencing products.

No other company travels anywhere in California to reach its customers like Fence Installers. California residents from Imperial Beach to Crescent City are within our service area.

What Fence Installers Provides: Precast Concrete Fencing and More

Not only do we come to you, but we also provide the contracts, the products, and all other deliverables.

Our precast concrete fences and walls are available in styles that mimic brick, wood, and other materials. They are also virtually maintenance-free and resist damage from physical impact. Providing superior security and acting as a sound barrier, our concrete fences offer an affordable solution to many different needs.

Stronger and more durable than fiberglass, vinyl fences, or wood, our woodcrete and blockcrete fencing is practically impervious to problems that destroy other types of fencing. This includes weathering, rotting, insect damage, deterioration from the sun’s UV rays, and more.

Since we are more than just a CA fence installer, we provide service to customers who need various custom-fencing home services, including:

  • Fence repair
  • Fencing design
  • Fencing installation
  • Fence replacement
  • Old fence removal

Our customers look to us for everything from realistic stacked brick or stone fencing to retaining walls, screening walls, and sound barriers.

Woodcrete Precast Fence


A wood fence is a classic look cherished by many homeowners and onlookers. It gives a natural impression that can pull a property together in a way other styles can’t. Unfortunately, using natural wood to build fences is fraught with issues like insect infestations and accelerated wear and tear from harsh weather.

Luckily, there’s a way to enjoy all the perks of wood with none of the drawbacks: WOODCRETE®. This innovative system allows you to get the timeless, homey look of wood with unmatched durability and little-to-no maintenance.

Fence Installers offers WOODCRETE® wall systems in a variety of colors to mimic specific hues and wood types so you can perfect your look. The visually striking appearance is still reinforced and secure without sacrificing curb appeal.


The look of authentic masonry is an ideal match for many properties. But much like wood, masonry is often subjected to conditions that can damage it and cause it to warp. Weather changes can wreak havoc on masonry fences and require more frequent repairs.

Homes and businesses alike will love the benefits of our precast concrete BLOCKCRETE®, the perfect marriage of traditional aesthetics and modern building techniques.

BLOCKCRETE® removes the moisture-related challenges you’d face with other materials while providing a more robust look. Fence Installers in Southern California can help you customize your BLOCKCRETE® fence and install it on your property quickly and with no hassle.

Family in front of their house with precast concrete fence
Precast Concrete Fence


When sleek and clean is your top priority, nothing hits the mark like our SMOOTHSTONE® series.

SMOOTHSTONE® is a laser-focused design with a modern feel, giving you plenty of room to play around with color and architecture. It also pairs excellently with more ornate homes or properties with big, beautiful yards, helping tie everything together without creating too much dissonance for the eyes.

The attractive characteristics of our SMOOTHSTONE® line are every bit as noteworthy as its cost-effectiveness and unparalleled security. Our SMOOTHSTONE® wall systems also feature sound-buffering technology to block out annoying distractions and help you find peace at home.


One of the reasons natural stone tends to be so appealing to homeowners is that it displays so much character. However, that doesn’t mean it’s easy to deal with, which is why Fence Installers have created CHISELSTONE™.

CHISELSTONE™ is the top pick for the property owner seeking an LA fence crafted with more texture and visual interest. It boasts all the same features as our other stone masonry products, allowing you to easily work around the laws of nature that can easily cause traditional materials to wear out and break down.

CHISELSTONE™ is another low-maintenance, high-value option that comes in many rich shades and textures to give your property a custom look.

Chiselstone precast concrete wall
Rustic Brick Precast Concrete Fence


There’s something wonderfully familiar about authentic brick. It has a unique charm that harkens back to a simpler time, giving any property a rustic appeal that’s still sought-after. Unfortunately, brick walls are notoriously expensive and labor-intensive, and building one involves more difficulty than many property owners bargain for.

RUSTICBRICK™ is a precast concrete wall that doesn’t have any of the downsides associated with traditional brick. It’s much more cost-effective, and you won’t have to worry about extensive maintenance or discoloration, which are unavoidable with old-fashioned brick fences.

Our RUSTICBRICK™ fences also make excellent security walls and can help soundproof your property to a degree.


While all our precast concrete fences offer enhanced security, there’s just no substitute for an honest-to-goodness security fence.

We specialize in installing industrial-grade security fences that put the protection of you and your property first. While their primary purpose is to safeguard your property, they still afford plenty of ways to get creative when it comes to color and style selections.

Security Precast Concrete Fence

Our Clients’ Feedback:

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    “I was very pleased with the services provided by American Precast Concrete from the initial estimate walk to the final installation. All the staff I interacted with were kind and intent on making sure I was receiving the product and services I expected. The new fence defines the main lodge area at Skyland Ranch and will provide an attractive and functional assest to the property.”

    – Ken Mortensen, VP Properties
    Girl Scouts of San Gorgonio Council
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    “Fantastic product and great service! I have a noisy neighbor behind me (loud parties and music) and needed something more substantial than just a wooden or vinyl fence to block out the sound. I went with the BlockCrete fence product (see pictures). It definitely makes a huge difference, and it looks fantastic.”

    – George P., Yelper
    Chatsworth, CA

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If you’re tired of searching for “fence companies near me,” contact Fence Installers today. Our products, expertise, and techniques can help you end the hunt for the ideal fence contractors in San Diego and LA. We’re right here waiting for you.

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Who Is Fence Installers?

After 45 years of innovating the industry with our precast concrete fences, we understand who we are and what we do better than ever.

Fence Installers is a Los Angeles fence company that focuses on providing unrivaled construction and service for our customers. No aspect of a fence goes unnoticed. We ensure that every build is visually striking and highly durable.

We value our customers and appreciate that they choose us out of the many providers out there to see their projects through.

Fence Installers also operates with a turnkey process. The turnkey approach translates to less impact on your daily life, and we keep most of the work relegated to our space rather than making a mess of yours.

Even though we make it a point to make ourselves scarce in that regard, we stay open and ready for communication with our customers. We always want to know what you feel and think about your project and welcome questions at any point before, during, or after your installation.

Our Los Angeles Fence Builders Team

At Fence Installers, we can proudly say that we’ve recruited some of the best and brightest construction talent. Our team is focused just as much on ensuring customer service as they are on construction quality, so you’ll always feel heard and cared for.

Each team member of Fence Installers in Southern California is an experienced fencing contractor in their own right, but they’re also an expert on precast concrete installation, thanks to our rigorous training. Focusing on these elements has led to our reputation as a superior Los Angeles fence company, a title we intend to hold on to.

Mission and Values

Building fences may be what we do, but we believe building bridges is equally important. Connecting with our customers and community is a priority for us, and we value integrity and honesty above all else.

From our first conversation to the moment we finish your project, we’ll strive to keep the lines of communication open. We keep things friendly and professional and always want to make sure you’re satisfied with how things are going.

We view all of our customers as partners. We value your input and want you to feel empowered to share your thoughts. Our goal is to provide you with a strong, high-quality precast concrete fence that you’ll prize for years to come.

With a personal approach to customer service and the best materials and minds in the industry, our mission to change how people think about fencing has been an ongoing success.

We’d like nothing more than to share that success with you as a top So Cal fence company.


We encourage you to ask us questions directly, but our FAQ is a good place to start if you’re curious about precast concrete fences. Here are some quick answers for anyone left with unanswered questions about fence installation and the process.

How Long Do Fence Installations Take?

The length of an installation will vary depending on the project’s size and other site conditions. On average, fences won’t take longer than a day or two to put up. The Fence Installers team is known for their fast and efficient work, and our turnkey approach makes the installation process even faster!

How Much Maintenance Will My Fence Require?

The answer to this question can also vary based on the material you build. We use only the best quality materials to craft our fences, and we do everything we can to keep maintenance as minimal as possible. Precast concrete is also known for being easy to maintain and capable of withstanding various wear and tear.

What Material Should I Use to Build My Fence?

Ask yourself what’s more important: aesthetics or price? Durability or aesthetics?

While we offer many different fencing materials, honing in on one can make your decision easier. We recommend reviewing our precast concrete materials or reaching out to our experts to help you narrow your search.

How Long Will My Home Fence Last?

Precast concrete fences can last more than 30 years without extra maintenance, which is one of the biggest perks of building one. It could be anywhere from 50 to 100 years before you’d need to start considering a replacement.

Can I Use Precast Concrete Even if I'm a Homeowner?

Many assume that concrete is a material for industrial or business properties. But concrete can be just as pleasing and give you extra security and durability.